Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vivaldi Double

It's been a long time since I posted anything related to cello playing! I have been busy practicing and playing. We had a few orchestra concerts, including real church bells and a cannon for the 1812 Overture during the 4th of July concert. I've been playing with an all-cello group led by my teacher, and we've had a few gig+party events, with the next one coming up on Saturday.

A few weeks ago a friend who teaches flute asked if I would play the cello part of Haydn's London Trios with her and her graduating student. She wanted her student to record a CD for her family - what a wonderful gift that will be for her parents! Of course I agreed and our friend Tim provided the recording equipment and was our sound engineer. Tim plays the cello, and during a break we decided to play the 2nd movement of the Vivaldi double cello concerto, and because we could, we decided to record it. Here it is:

There are moments that I cringe, hearing myself (I'm playing cello 1 part) but it has been a long time since I heard myself on a recording and such are those moments of truth!

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